spreading the inoo virus.

Spreading the InooVIRUS!
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where infected people of the InooVIRUS are admitted. XD


It is generally agreed that the InooVIRUS had developed as a strain from the JJExpressVIRUS, and while the susceptibility of people towards the InooVIRUS is lower than that of it's originating parent, symptoms manifest themselves in a more concentrated and severe manner. The name of the InooVIRUS was coined by yammiedoo, who founded the Livejournal Community of Inoo VIRUS on April 27, 2009, and now co-moderated by summerberi, specifically designed to cater to those affected by the infectious virus.

InooVIRUS is highly contagious and can be spread through many various vectors including, but is not limited to: variety shows, concerts, pictures, television appearances, and music that feature Inoo Kei. The InooVIRUS has the potential to be asymptomatic in infected people at the onset of the infection, but often eventually manifests itself through symptoms of depression, irritability, and malaise without exposure to any medium that contains Inoo Kei. Effects of the virus differ in severity depending on the person.Symptoms may be offset or momentarily halted through frequent and prolonged exposure of Inoo Kei. Such treatment often results in feelings of euphoria and content but proper care must be kept up throughout the infected person's lifetime with a gradual increase in the strength and occurrence of treatment. The InooVIRUS is comparable to various addictive drugs such as cocaine in that it forces infected individuals to maintain a dependency on such treatment in order to stave off adverse symptoms. There is no current cure for the InooVIRUS. Those infected by the InooVIRUS are doomed to a life that will increasingly revolve around Inoo Kei. Deprivation of treatment, depending on the progression and severity of the InooVIRUS in a said individual, may lead to death. Fortunately, people affected by the InooVIRUS typically lead fulfilling and happy lives.

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